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Epi Dot needs ID and work

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Hi- SN S97114367. The label inside the top F-hole says it's a Dot.

First, I'd love to know how old this guitar is, and where was it made.

Second, someone seems to have made some changes, but sloppily (see 15 small pix, below):

It has a Bigsby (I think it's a B7) tailpiece, and an aftermarket bridge, and maybe a new nut. String spacing at the bridge is 1-15/16", but the pickup coils are 2-1/16", so the strings don't line up with the coils. String spacing at the nut is 1-3/8". The overall length of the nut is less than the width of the neck, by about 1 millimeter on each side.

The toggle switch knob is missing. The switch's threads are M3x0.5, though all the knobs I have found on line are at least 3.5.

I'd like to get a bridge with wider spacing that would work with the tailpiece, and a switch knob (amber) of the proper thread size. I'm wondering if the bridge and nut from the current “TV Pelham Blue” would work, since that model has a Bigsby, albeit a different model Bigsby

(http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Electrics/Archtop/TV-Pelham-Blue-ES-355.aspx). Anyone know the string spacing of the bridge and nut on that model?

Any help will be much appreciated. Not sure I successfully attached the pix.

post-41371-051595100 1381993451_thumb.png

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