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'97 Dot natural needs work


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Hi- SN S97114367. Evidently made in Korea in 1997.

Someone added a Bigsby (I think it's a B7) tailpiece, and an aftermarket bridge, and maybe a new nut. String spacing at the bridge is 1-15/16", but the pickup coils are 2-1/16", so the strings don't line up with the coils. String spacing at the nut is 1-3/8". The overall length of the nut is less than the width of the neck, by about 1 millimeter on each side.

The toggle switch knob is missing. The switch's threads are M3x0.5, though all the knobs I have found on line are at least 3.5.

I'd like to get a bridge with wider spacing that would work with the tailpiece, and a switch knob (amber) of the proper thread size. I'm wondering if the bridge and nut from the current “TV Pelham Blue” would work, since that model has a Bigsby, albeit a different model Bigsby

(http://www.epiphone....lue-ES-355.aspx). Anyone know the string spacing of the bridge and nut on that model?

Any help will be much appreciated. Not sure I successfully attached the pix.

post-41371-082329600 1382031224_thumb.pngpost-41371-049694200 1382031242_thumb.pngpost-41371-040312300 1382031262_thumb.png

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I think this should drop right on to your existing studs.




I put one of these on my Casino w/ Bigsby and it works great. Very little work with the files and a drop of super glue and you are set.




Why mess with a tip on an old chinese switch...



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Anhedonius, hi. Your pics are very small, did you mean to upload tiny pics? Anyway, do you have this geet or are you looking to buy it? Have you played it, do you think that the string/pup screw difference is affecting the sound? I assume you have measured the pickup screw width; the coils extend further, so you haven't got strings without coil underneath. If it sounds OK, don't worry about it. You may find this discrepancy with many bridge/pickup combinations.


The string spacing at the nut looks OK, I wouldn't worry about the mm either side, if you don't cut your own nuts. You can buy pre-slotted bone nuts from stewmac and sand down the base, but it won't be the same as making the nut properly for that guitar. A luthier could do it, but of course that costs.


Switch tips should be easily available, here's a link to guitarpartsresource.com

switch tips

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