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Vintage SG jr. different guard shape, need advice


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I've long wanted to buy a nice SG jr. and now a local shop has 3 in store at 2K price point. One has a repaired neck which i don't want (ideally).


The other two both have "issues". One has had trem removed and 3 holes filled, then the prev. owner installed another trem (which is now removed) leaving new holes visible.


The one i like most is advertised as 69 but i'm sure its 1965-66 or earlier. The "problem" with it, is that it has a really strange anomaly in the guard shape, i have checked hundreds of SG Jr. pics and none have it. So it makes me a little nervous.




If you check the pictures you will see the space between the guard and the P90 is alot bigger, wheras the guard normally nearly touches the P90. The radius of the bend is different. The corners of the guard also seem a bit pointier.


Is it a 66' before they transitioned to the new design, or is the guard fake? Or what?


Serial #

SG jr. 64 serial #323685

SG jr. "69" serial #550594


Any information is highly appreciated.




post-60058-047754800 1382098305_thumb.png

post-60058-026644200 1382098322_thumb.jpg

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