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Straps.....what do you all use?


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I've got a mishmash of straps... certainly not one for every guitar but plenty. I'll take a quick pic and post them.




From L to R: Black leather w/ yellow stitching (I use it with all my guitars but it's especially good for the SGs to prevent neck dive... the leather is a little "stickier" than my other straps), Brown leather (always on the acoustic I perform with... a Gibson J-60 Traditional) Soldier strap w/ maroon ends.(I've treated myself to a few fancy straps, this being one of them. I use it on all my guitars except the SGs, the recycled seatbelt material is way to slick and the SGs nosedive). Olive Jayco (I was in Louisville,Co and swung by Wildwood... all I could afford was this strap [rolleyes] This is the other strap that I treated myself to... I'll use it with any guitar as the back is suede) My very first guitar strap... an old yellow and black "straps" strap. I presume it's old because it's made in Florida, and what do they make in the U.S. anymore? (It's always on my camp/around the house acoustic) Funky orange suede and corduroy (I use it most often on my bass and my ES-335 copy... I like both of them slung down a bit more) Black w/ white stitching ( I'll use it on whatever...) The GHS Cheap-o nylon strap (I use it just as much as the others but again, not the SGs... too slippery)


As a side note, none have strap locks...


Thanks for the fun thread... I've never given my straps (or anyone else's) too much thought

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My standard strap is the Levy's MSS3 in the normal (shorter) length. I own twenty-six of them, all coloured Tan.




Besides these, I still use four twenty-eight to thirty-three years old leather straps, and two different newer ones.



These obviously are Levy's MSS3, too. They come for a great price compared to Europe. Think they are more expensive here due to the importer/distributor.

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My fave is a Levy's like this-






Hey I have one like that. It's the most recent one I bought. All my others(I think I have 3 others lol) are

just plain leather. I have a tooled one like that but mine is more suede. That looks like smooth leather.


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Thanks for the input chaps :)


For those with a buckle type adjustment, do any of you find difficulty getting a comfortable height? I'm used to the friction type adjusters on the vast majority of straps, and being able to adjust to an exact height.




We all have our quirks when it comes to comfort and right height. My first LP that I played for about 25 years was heavy and I liked to play it slung real low and couldn't find a strap long enough (should've looked at the bass straps I guess), but a buddy of mine had some un tanned suede and he cut two strips about 3.5 inches wide and custom fit the length for me. It was not adjustable, but fit for that guitar. I like to have a given strap for each guitar, most are 2.5 to 2.75 inches wide and adjustable for height. As I grow older I find the guitar seems to not be so low. This past winter when I went back to a heavy LP it was killing my shoulder and back so bought an expensive Gibson padded and tooled black leather to match the black axe, 3 inches wide. Paid way too much for it (about $100), but it looks cool, and is very comfortable. Now I got the LP Custom Lite and with the padded strap hardly know I'm wearing it.

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