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Re: Gibson '57 Classic


So I have a set of these Gibson pups in a Epi LP Tribute Plus I just bought.


Just for kicks, I took resistance readings. Neck 7.92 KΩ Bridge('57 Plus) 8.13 kΩ


I find a chart with Gibson pickups that claims the bridge's are 13.1– 13.8K. I find many that dispute that as being wrong, and find other pups in the range I am in.


I fully realize, one can't read into DC resistance readings too much as there are many other factors that make an ELECTROMAGNETIC pup what it is. The thing that I find funny is they brag about this PLUS pup having "received a few extra turns of wire".


A few turns is right, going from 7.92-8.13 really don't mean jack though. For a little more power, you would think, the neck pup vs. the bridge (the so called PLUS) would be AT LEAST a 1/2 - K Ω difference.


Just sayin'


Anyway, they sound fantastic !!

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