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Please help ID my new Les Paul DC!


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Hey guys,


I've asked all different LP forums and no one knows about my guitar. Here is what I DO know about it. It is a double cut, cherry sunburst with orangish binding and greenish trap. inlays. Serial #: 005771547. Here is a pic:


I honestly can't find any reference on the net to this guitar being made, it has 2 vol. and 1 tone pot (unlike the old standards and pro dc's).

Hopefully someone from Gibson can offer some insight? Thanks.

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According to your serial number' date=' your guitar was made in


Nashville Plant, TN, USA

February 26th, 2007

Production Number: 247


I actually got that info. off of guitardaterproject. I am more interested in what to call it, because it isn't a AA maple top one, which are the only ones I can find that have the 3 knob set up. I just want to know if anyone has seen one like it?

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It's a Gibson Longhorn...


That'll be $50.00 ...

that is not a Longhorn. Longhorns have different "horn" shape' date=' little block inlays, EMGs , different knob position and different headstock.




the guitar in question is the GC-exclusive Les Paul DC w/ the slightly longer upperhorn



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Thanks, I knew it was very close to the AA top one (it is supposed to be a GC exclusive but they can be had elsewhere.). But everywhere I look I see no mention of this color scheme being made, here is another pic (notice the vintage looking bindings): 1211081303gw3.th.jpg

This is a site I found that has "all" the DC models: http://patrickhansen.com/blog/index.php/2008/11/12/gibson-les-paul-double-cuts?blog=5 . My guitar most closely fits the "plain top DC" but they say it was only available in Ebony.

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