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I'm looking for the complete characteristic oh this les paul


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Hello everybody,


I bought a les paul custom few month ago. But the pickups are not original anymore. The new pickups are Bare Knuckle Black Dog. So I'm looking for the complete characteristics of this guitar. The serial number is 81998561. I know it was made in nasville in 1988 july 18st. But i would like to know what was the original pickups and if it's possible the all description. And if somebody knows the difference between this pickups and the original i'll be interested to know.


Some pics of my les paul custom in attachment.



Thank you for you help and your knowledge guy.



post-60123-026960000 1382359470_thumb.jpg

post-60123-074943600 1382359484_thumb.jpg

post-60123-016319700 1382359506_thumb.jpg

post-60123-049489000 1382359528_thumb.jpg

post-60123-019338800 1382359553_thumb.jpg

post-60123-027907700 1382359568_thumb.jpg

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Hello and welcome to the Forums!


Back in 1988 the typical ones were called "Gibson Original Humbuckers".


Another possible option for a 1988 LPC is the Bill Lawrence humbucker - they can be easily indentified by the circuit-board on the back-plate of the pickup.


Wonderful Custom, by the way. [thumbup]


Cheers... Bence

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