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Production Sequence Number 000?

Barney Row

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I have a 2 year old '59 ES-335, Nashville made.

All the info I have found indicates 001 as the starting number for a production run.

Nothing about a number 0.


Is it a one off?

B stock?

Or perhaps something built to order that was rejected?


Thanks for any insight y'all might have.





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I have only ever seen one with a "000" production number and it was a custom order. I did not see it in person, but I do know the owner and trust him that the number wasn't Photoshopped.

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Thank you for your response CR9.


In what way was your friends guitar customized?


Is that what it means, custom order?


Does this affect the value in any way?


Can anyone else confirm seeing or owning a production number 0.






"Custom order" means it was ordered by a custom shop dealer to the specifications of the person ordering the guitar.

It can affect the value in many ways making it worth more or even less. Say you custom order in strange colors. It would have to be refinished for most people to want it, so the value could be less.


Sorry for the delay in response. I do not check in every day.

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