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1930 Gibson Tenor Guitar


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I have one of these, wonderful little guitar. It's incredibly delicately built with a top that can't be much over 2mm thick at the sound hole, and tuned CGDA it has a beautiful, delicate tone that is ideal for recording. The later large (L-00 sized) bodied tenors are great as well, more strident sounding than the early ones. I'd love to have one of the black/white guard versions for GDAE tuning. To complete the tenor arsenal I also have a replica of a solid bodied SG tenor - always lusted over Neko Case's SG tenor but I've never seen a vintage one that wasn't priced into the stratosphere. They work great in a band context - I currently play with a second guitarist, a piano player and a bassist with a Rickenbacker, so competition for the low mids is fierce and the tenor slots nicely above the others in the mix, so it sees a lot of use for me.


It's interesting that Gibson went to the extent of designing their first tenor from the ground up, where later they just reworked whatever their small bodied six string of the time was. Presumably they saw it as potentially a big seller.

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check out this video :




around 4:29 D.Boak pulls out a Gibson Tenor uke and he clams that the gibson Birdsbeak is a copy of a Martin inlay from the earliest ukes of 1916


here's a Gibson Style 0 from 1906 ... Boak says Gibson copied Martin but as we can see that is totally false :













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