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Stock pickups.

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With nothing to measure pickup output, I had removed the neck pickup at some time, having replaced it with a Dimarzio PAF.

It would take some time to realize that stock pickups are indeed of a low enough output to give you the cleanest sound possible.

Its too bad that only Dimarzio can state the relative output as microvoltage, otherwise you have to go with what a given manufacturer will state.

Otherwise I am happy that my LP Studio does in fact have the best possible pickups as stock issue.

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It is very hard to tell what a pickup output voltage will be on a reproducable basis. There are many influences like string material, gauge, magnitude of vibration, distance to pickup, alignment of strings to pole pieces, resonance characteristics of body and neck respectively measuring setup, positioning of the instrument or measuring setup since Hawaiian style produces significantly more output than Spanish style etc.

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Man the pick-ups are a long story. I'm using 57s in the neck of both LPs and a BB-3 in the bridge of one and a II in the bridge of another. The Standard had BB-Pros which are OK except I prefer the Alnico II. Not as hard sounding and bright as the Vs The BB-1s in the neck are fine, I just like the mixture with the 57s compressed sound in the neck.


BTW I like Seths also.

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