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Rebuilding a 1988 Gibson Les Paul Jr Pro


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So, After putting this guitar together a few times and deciding that I didn't like my results it ended up in a case under a bed for a long time. Then last fall I was at the Gruhn Guitars yard sale and came across a Washburn Wonderbar for $40. This got the old ball rolling again and I started collecting parts to finish the job.







I decided to go with chrome and pearl to act as accent colors against the Inverness Green.


The neck pickup is a 1965 DeArmond Zippo pickup from a Kay guitar. I rewound this to my specs.


The bridge pickup is my copy of a Firebird mini humbucker. Aesthetically it looks cool with the Zippo pickup and the chunky chrome of the Wonderbar. Plus it has an almost single coil bits that works well as a bridge pickup.


The tuners are HipShot open gear locking tuners. The are light weight, function well, cost effective and have a look that works well with the rest of the guitar.


The white tone and volume knobs are actually push pull pots that turn the pickups on and off.








I still need to clear coat the head stock and I may sway out the trus rod cover to something more traditional.

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That looks good, Searcy - I like it!


That Wonderbar bridge looks heavy! Do they work good?



It works really well. These were the first real trem units that could be mounted on a Les Paul or SG type guitar with no routing or modification at all. It was a totally reversible trem installation long before the Stets Bar of the new Floyd Rose FRX. They were only made for 3 years so they are hard to find and even harder to find with the original adapter plate like this one has.

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