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Hi everybody, this is my first time posting but I couldn't think of a better place to raise this issue -


I have a '63 reissue block inlay 335 (red) that I bought from TrueTone in LA a 3-4 years ago & it doesn't have a sticker on the inside of the body nor a SN stamped into the headstock. Has this happened to anyone else? I have a certificate with an SN on it that correlates to a '63 reissue block inlay 335 (as confirmed by Gibson) but there's nothing to correlate the guitar to its own paperwork...


The guitar itself is with a new guitar tech of mine who's going to have a look inside the f-holes to see if the sticker mistakenly got put in upside down but from his analysis there wasn't even any glue residue if there was a sticker that had once separated from the body.


I'm not looking to sell but I was wondering if this sort of this would be valuable to a serious collector in the wider community? My tech is looking into (through his contacts at Gibson Australia) whether or not it can be authenticated without Gibson having to stamp or sticker the guitar as it's already more interesting without of of that.


I'm in Sydney, Australia so unfortunately I can't take it back to LA but I can post pictures in a couple of weeks once I get it back if so required (along with its SN on its certificate). What do you guys think? I've taken to calling it my ghost but you guys might have a better name for these types of factory clerical errors.

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