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Masterbilt AJ-500-RNS question


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Hi, I got an eye on a AJ-500 RNS, here in town.

Price seems good for a go everywhere guitar.

Don't know much about MB's...the AJ is the slope shoulder designation? Whats the RNS.....I know this is a rosewood guitar.

It's a 2007 I think.


HAven't seen it in person yet, but for less than 400.00 I can't seagoing wrong with it unless there's something drastic.

Any opinions on this model?

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Ya slope shoulder, Rosewood back/sides with spruce top. NS is natural satin finish. I have one and like it, but will say its a bit on the muddy side compared to the AJ-500M, I feel like I need to keep fresh strings on the rosewood guitar. Overall a nice guitar with great sound and for under $400 you can't beat it!

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I have the hog version electrified - AJ500ME.


I prefer the mahogany but a lot has to do with how you play as well.


As you say, for under $400 used, if it's in good condition and you get it set up for your playing and your strings... should be something to enjoy for ages to come.



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