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Rudolph Schenker Flying V, thoughts and brief review

Gibson Les Dawson

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After my dilemma as to whether to take a saw to the headstock of my 2000 V, I ummed and I aaahed and I pondered and I fretted (geddit?) and I lay awake at night... and I came up with a solution to wanting a short headstock Flying V.


I decided to raid my piggy bank, sell a guitar by a manufacturer beginning with 'F', then pooled the resulting money... and bought the (allegedly limited edition) Rudolph Schenker Flying V.


OK, so I have to be honest here, I normally hate signature models. I honestly don't think anything looks more naff than some wannabe prancing around on stage in a pub, playing a guitar that is iconically linked to a famous player. However, given that (1) it won't be gigged and (2) it was the only way I would be able to afford to by a '70s' V without pawning my entire family, I decided to go for it.


Also,the more I looked at it, the more there was something peculiarly fetching about that split black and white paint job.


There seem to be comparatively few landed here in Blighty (although any indication of precisely how many have been made is completely absent from the guitar and its case candy), so I decided to get one while I could.


So what do I think? Well, I have to say I think it's lovely. It feels just that bit nicer than my 2000 '67 V and I like the fact that the the neck is a bit less 'sticky'-feeling than the '67 reissue. It's almost a semi-satin finish.


I was a bit concerned about how crisp the paint join between the white and black halves would be, but it's dead straight - the only place where each colour has moved (very slightly) into each other's terrritory is where the join goes along the serial number, which is entirely understandable. The colours on the pickguard are apparently 'dyed in', so no paint to peel off there.


I never play sitting down, so that's not an issue. On a strap it's light and a real pleasure to play. As someone who often suffers from terrible cramp in his fretting hand, especially when I haven't played for a while, I was surprised and pleased that I had no sign of it - perhaps I've (at last!) found exactly the right neck profile for me?


The fingerboard looks a bit dry for my taste, but that's a two minute job that I will sort out. And the more I look at that damned paint job, the more I like it.


All in all, I would say this to my fellow British Gibbo-loving rockers: Grab one of these while you can. You can always change the pickguard, add pickup covers and make other cosmetic alterations to make it look a bit more 'yours' and less like you need to grow a moustache, wear spandex and run round with your mouth open a lot as a wannabe Rudolph The Moustachioed Schenker [biggrin]


Thumbs up to Gibson for this. I have a small headstock V at last... and I love it! [thumbup]

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I think if I am not mistaken a Les Paul is a signature model and there are a good many axe players prancing around on stage with them strapped across their shoulder.

Stop trying to be clever. You know exactly what I mean. There is a world of difference between a Les Paul and an Ace Frehley signature Les Paul or a Gary Moore signature Les Paul and so on.


Fortunately the Schenker V doesn't have a facsimile of his autograph printed anywhere. That would have been a deal-breaker for me.

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Nice that you like your Rudolf Schenker Flying V for feeling and sound. A neck profile that seems just right is very important in my opinion.


No matter if an artist model or not, it's performance in both playability and tone what counts for me. So I went with the Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess and the Frank Zappa "Roxy" SG.


I think there never will be a reason to buy any guitar for looks or "mojo" if I may say so. I also wouldn't go with a guitar just for an endorsing artist's name's sake, no matter who she or he may be.

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Morning chap. Convict here. I agree with you and don't know of too many which have made their way to Australia as of yet. It grew on me more and more as I was looking for a V to buy, in particular the neck. Feels great, sounds great. Glad I bought it.


PS: Some strong batting to start with by your team, very impressive. Should be a great Ashes series.



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