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Can or will Gibson ever produce an acoustic amp?


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I'm asking this question in response to earlier posts on getting a decent acoustic sound from Fender Acoustisonic, Marshall, and other acoustic amp makers. I, myself use a Marshall AS-50D, which IMHO sounds incredible. I know Euroaussie also uses Marshall. Maybe others. But my question is this "why doesn't Gibson manufacture an acoustic amp?" They do manufacture amps for electric guitar. R&D has the technology, I'm sure. With advancements in guitar self-tuning, plek, and other directions, why not an acoustic amp specifically voiced for that wonderful Gibson acoustic tone that we all know and love? I'm hoping that someone from the Gibson higharchy will read this post and comment. Could it be a new product that will soon arrive? Who knows? All I know is that there is a market of Gibson acoustic guitar owners drooling over such a product! Get busy, Gibson! I'll buy one! I know the first argument will be: "we make guitars, not amps". Agreed. If that's the rule of thumb, then why electric guitar amps and not offer an acoustic model as well? How cool would it be to walk in your next gig with your prized Gibby acoustic in one hand and a new Gibson acoustic amp specifically voiced for your guitar in the other?!!! Comments please!!!

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Some years ago, Gibson bought Trace Elliot,

at the time TE was one of the best know acoustic amp makers.

Gibson did absolutely nothing with the company,

except take the brand off the market. Then the sold it to Peavey,

who make them in small numbers. Epiphone made them, not sure if they still do.

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