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Are There any GIbson's With Some Bling?


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The Century of Progress guitar is kind of blingy. The fretboard is so spacey looking that it is very easy to get lost!


The Nick Lucas Special is blingy in an understated way. When you look closely there are all sorts of bindings and rosettes and shell and lucky charm fretboard inlays and flamey spots...


All the ones with engraved pickguards like J-200, Dove, Hummingbird etc


Commonly found bling elements: bound fretboards, bird's beak end to the fretboard near the sound-hole, bound sound-hole, inlays on the bridge, multiple bindings and purflings, back strip, stinger neck, multi-part neck, fancy headstock inlays, tulip tuners, mustache bridge with single or double ribbon... what else?

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I think my western classic J200 has the bling thing going on


for my money the perfect amount of "bling" whilst doing so classily. If I were interested in a 200, this would be the one i would save for hands down.


deserves a picture:




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I've had a couple:


Currently a 1995 J45 Deluxe - abalone rosette, top purfling and bella voce inlays:


95 J45 Deluxe: Click for pics


And formerly a 94 Starburst Custom (built by John Walker), with wildly quilted maple top back & sides, starburst inlays, abalone rosette, top purfling, that I called "Der Blingle":


94 Starburst: Click for Pics

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