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Neck reset


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I posted last year that my 000-28 was to have a neck reset.

I have had it back from CFM about 6 weeks. Frankly, the first

observation looked like nothing had changed. A new saddle was put in

which is lower than the one it had previous. the 12 fret action is 5/32

and a rule along the fret board still buts up against the bridge. Is this what I should expect?


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Hi Ponty,


your first pic the action looks to be below 4/32... around 7/64" which is the Gibson recommended /factory spec as we know.


Your second pic it then looks over 5/32"... it may help to place the rule on the 11th and 12th frets to get an accurate reading..as even from the pics it looks like you are not getting an even reading with the rule.


Also it looks like the rule you are using to do the flat edge along the finger board test...is not 25/27 inches long ?..You need to have a flat edge placed along the full neck/fingerboard to get an accurate reading as tro where it is lined up regarding the bridge.

You have plenty of saddle there... :)

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I don't like it when a neck reset was done and it comes back with the lowest possible saddle height for future settling.

The time to inquire about a ReDo is soon, not a month later or more..... Luthier's don't like it but sometimes it is needed.

You might want to measure the action 12 fret and saddle height before you contact he or she and let them know the data?




A new J45 TV saddle height: https://plus.google.com/photos/100197491906837885853/albums/5942873097089861505/5942873117402078546?pid=5942873117402078546&oid=100197491906837885853


Note: My Gibson J45 rosewood, 2003.. the top is slightly domed by design.

Have your luthier verify if your top has moved with old age. By weak top or bracing, weather events and/or (medium gauge, or bigger) string tension.

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