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My New Korea Sheraton


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Here my new 2005 Unsung.

Perfect Guitar for me.


By the way: am i the only one who loves the original Pickups?

No need to change them. Nice warm and sweet sounding.



I'm on board with you on the pick-ups. My Sheraton II is perfection.

Wouldn't dream of changing anything about her.

I play through Fender amps and she sounds sweet!

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I'm with you on keeping the stock pickups in there. Not a thing wrong with them. Built well, double wax potted, nice sound.

Most guys don't realize it's more about the amp and what settings you have that set to.

And then there's what I call "Psycho-Sonics" If you think it sounds better....it does. You ever go to a concert, listen to a lead guitar player wailing away and say to yourself "that guy is playing Seymour Duncan 59s".

Of course not. It's technique and amp.

I get a kick when I go into some place like GC and some 17 y/o kid takes a lovely Les Paul off the wall with super nice Gibson Classic 57's in it and then proceeds to turn all the knobs to 10, plug it into an overdrive pedal with the gain all the way up, then into a stack with all the distortion and grunge dialed in he can find and play away.

He couldn't tell a high dollar Classic 57 from 6 nails wound with door bell wire.

But HE thinks so and that's what GC is banking on.

Save your money, at least for now and explore the tone knobs on both your guitar and your amp...and work on technique.

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