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Epiphone Regent 250


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Hello, I'm new here, in search of some other users of this amp.

Would be interesting to hear about your experiences.









The little info I found about these Regent amps (in tasty cream Tolex) indicates these were made between 1995...2000,

so with at least several years in production it surprises me a that there's actually this little mentioning of these.


Perhaps for a reason ? :rolleyes:[biggrin]



# I'm looking for the schematic of the pre-amp section


(the power-section is already on the Gibson-website:

http://www.gibson.com/Files/schematics/regent250main.pdf )




# Also it'd be interesting to hear other opinions etc about this amp or the Regent-range in general.


Workmanship seems pretty decent. Great looks. Funny shape [tongue] . Also wondering who/where these were designed.

And ... do they hum by-design ?! [crying] The stereo-chorus could have been a bit less noisy as well.

Curious to the speakers as well, no idea who originally made these ?





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