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NBG LG-2 American Eagle


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Just got me a 50th B.Day present to myself....What a great little guitar. Perfect for the country blues finger picking that I'm getting into, and it has such a honky tonk piano vibe with the tone. It also handles a pick well enough for strumming, but not crazy hard, have to tone it down / mute it a bit and its great.


I also played a J-100 mahogany 1942 reissue, and a J35, Keb Mo L00, J45 in a special grey kind of finish stain. The J-100 was a great sounding jumbo, and the others were fine also. I already have the round shoulder SJ45 with a deep bass, so the small body caught my eye, and then my credit card. [scared]


Born in August, and just got into dealer a few weeks ago, so it is real factory fresh with sweet nitro in the air.


Gibson is making some great guitars. Anyone else get one of these?


Here's some pictures.





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