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Tone caps value for Epiphone dot ES-335


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Hi Gibson / Epiphone lovers,


At the moment, I am upgrading my Korean Epiphone dot ES-335 from 2000. So far, I have upgraded the guitar by replacing:


1. Epi stock guitar nut to TusqXL


2. Epi stock volume pot from 500k linear to CTS 500k audio, and Epi stock tone pot 500k audio to CTS 500k audio. (Before changing the epi stock '57 classic pickup to Gibson'57 classic, i thought it is wise to improve the wiring and capacitors of my Epiphone first)


In this case (despite being subjective), which tone capacitors value (for neck and bridge) would you guys recommend me that is suitable for Epiphone ES-dot?


I am asking this because I am not sure what tone capacitors value are commonly installed in the Gibson ES model / semi hollow. For instance, I see a lot Epi Les paul users install 0.15 uF (for neck) to achieve brighter sound when the tone is rolled back and 0.22 uF or 0.47uF (for the bridge)


A local luthier advises me to install 0.47 uF tone capacitors for both neck and bridge. But i am afraid that putting 0.47 uF in the neck of ES-335 will result a muddy / nasal tone.


I am now tempting to go to 0.22 uF, or even 0.15 uF (for neck), and keep the bridge for 0.47 uF.


But the question is: Would 0.22 uF or 0.15 uF in the semi hollow body neck will result the same as in the les paul neck?


Please help me guys as I am sure some of you have experienced more than me :) I really appreciate your comments and time!


Thanks again

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Thanks for your advise,


So you are implying that the 0,15 will be too bright for the neck of 335 guitar due to the nature of LP being a dark sounding guitar? Then I think i just use 0,47 for the neck and 0,22 for the bridge. Thanks again


I'd use 0.022's for both pickups. A 0.047 will be pretty dark sounding for the neck pickup. It'll be a little muddy.


Putting a 0.015 in the neck gives the tone a brassy/glassy sound. That sounds good with a Les Paul but it sounds kind of unnatural in a 335. You'll lose some of the round/fat/mellow tone that the 335 is good at.



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I'd use 0.022's for both pickups.



I also use a 0.022 for each in my 339, but what you may want is to get 4 alligator clip leads and put them in place of the caps and let them hang out the F-hole for testing. With the clip leads you can quickly test the caps and find the ones you like before soldering them in. Get yourself a bunch of different caps to test. I know its a pain, but spend some time doing this and you will not have to guess which ones you like best. Remember there are various materials used in caps that will also "color' the tone. I know it is a pain to get to the pots and caps in the 335, but do the test once and you will gain a lot of knowledge in a short time. If you have a Les Paul, this type of testing is a lot easier and would give you an idea of what each cap does, but it will not be the exact tone as in your 335. The percentage of variance in the cap will also make a difference. A 0.022 with a 10% variance will mean the production ranges from 0.0198 to 0.024. A 0.015 could be from 0.0135 to 0.0165 if it is 10%. 5% and 1% caps can be very expensive, so they normally use 10% in production. So you could actually have a couple of 0.022 and one be on the low side at 0.019 and the other at 0.024 and the tone will be different.


Good luck finding your tone. Report back when you settle on your ideal caps.

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