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How to achieve early beatles sound.


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Hello, I own a Rick 325 and a JL Epiphone casino and a Vox AC15HWX amp. I am looking to make a pedal board. The current pedals I have selected are the Electro-Harmonix Classics Black Finger, Electro-Harmonix Classics English Muff'n Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal, and the Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano. Is this a good setup?

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I know I'm likely to be verbally slain for this, but you'll never get it. Close, but never "it." Note that the same recording will sound different through different equipment; the guys were recorded and "engineered." You can't really do that. Any room will give different acoustic response.


Have fun, but...



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"Beatles" tone, is quite complex. Gear, engineering/recording techiques, and, most

of all phrasing, and their own idiosyncracies, regarding their individual playing,

and how they put things together. Even as great as "Macca" is, playing those early

"Beatles" songs, in/with his current band, they still don't sound "exactly like

The Beatles," and Never will. John, George, and Ringo, and George Martin, are missing,

in the mix! Those songs, and that tone is deceptive! Sounds very

simple, but is far more complex, to attain...IMHO.


Having said all that, I think you're well on the way, already, "Gear" wise. It could

take a LONG time, to master all the other, if indeed one could? We all love to make

the attempts, though, huh? [biggrin]



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As you may, or may not know, the entire fist (British released) Beatles

album, "Please, Please Me", was recorded with George using his Gretsch

Duo Jet. He obtained the Country Gent, later. Then, went to a Gretsch

Tennesean, and Fender Strat, and to different guitar models and brands

from there, on.


However, if you watch/listen to the DVD "Concert For George," you'll hear

some pretty decent "Beatle's Tones," being made on (some) totally different

gear, than they used, back then. So, again...it really goes back to phrasing,

and knowing the little idiosyncrasies, in their music. [biggrin]



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Once you start down this road, it never ends, so here is your next carrot:




I agree with the Janglebox!





For the really early stuff John played through a Fender Deluxe and George had a Gibson GA-40. That's what was used for "Ask Me Why", "PS I Love You" and "Love Me Do."

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