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Vintage Country Western - Bob Luman


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Thanks for posting this! James is always great, no matter the musical context.


I’ve had the good fortune of spending a fair amount of time with James and writing about the experience: here and here. I’ve also arranged to spend a good deal more time with James in order to write an in-depth piece for Fretboard Journal.


Two years ago, I served as an organizer of the unveiling of Buddy Holly's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and consultant to the PBS-filmed that concert that evening. In that capacity I arranged for James to play lead for Lyle Lovett. After the show, James took my wife and me out for a drink and gave me the cap he wore and the guitar pick he used. A red flame guitar would go nicely with that cap! But, I figure that you need the chops of James Burton to take the stage with that guitar and, alas, only James has those chops!




And the hat and pic look good with my James Burton signature Tele:




One of the funniest moments in my James experience was taking James to the Hollywood Guitar Center to buy a guitar to present to Phil Everly. Here I am with James, standing near James's hand prints in the sidewalk:




James in Guitar Center:




There was a kid shredding on a Tele. James walked over and said to the kid, "That sounds good [it didn't] young man. But, maybe you'd like to change the amp settings ..." The kid cut James off mid-sentence with a death stare. Just really, really funny.


Here I am with Phil and Buddy's widow, Maria Elena Holly, and the guitar, clad in a replica of Buddy's leather cover that I had custom made:




James, along with a bunch of other well known guitarists, is to be a guitar recipient for the Buddy Holly foundation I formed. I’m currently having an acoustic guitar built for James that will also have a leather cover.

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Cool JB content. I have never seen that Bob Luman content, cool!


I have seen JB play a LOT. He used to own a bar and he would come in and play every couple of weeks with the house band. Which happened to fronted by his son, Jeff. You would not believe how much Jeff looks like James and is an AMAZING picker and singer. Gosh, his kid is talented. I don't have any kids and it always pops out at me when I see a kid and I say to myself, wow, that kid looks just like his daddy! Amazing what DNA does.


It seems that one of the Everly brothers popped into the bar one night and sat in. I know a bunch of old stars did. You never knew who would show up Saturday night about midnight. I wish that place was still open because that old music isn't played any more around where I am from. They played 50s / 60s music almost exclusively.

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