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I'm pretty sure there is a Bozeman L-1 in maple pictured in the Fabulous Flattops book.


The original small body L-1s had a carved birch back, presumably to use up parts from the discontinued L-1 archtop. Once those backs were gone they switched to mahogany, and offered an L-0 with a flat birch back, switching to all mahogany in 1928. So the birch is as close to maple as you're likely to find on the small body version. In the 14 3/4" incarnation, the L-Century and final incarnation of the Nick Lucas were maple back and sides.

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The guitar on the far right, with natural finish and Nick Lucas inlays is a 93 L1CM (custom maple) They came in natural and sunburst. They are mentioned in the Fabulous Flat Tops book. Very limited numbers. Beautiful guitar with a nice sound, since sold. Though the body looks deep in this picture, it did not have a deep Nick Lucas body. I have seen pics of a sunburst model and they are very nice also.


Through the years Gibson made L00 big bodies with maple though not advertised as such, but they show up. As mentioned above the LC.


The 93 L1CM is a nice Bozeman collectible if you could find one. I have not seen one for sale since I sold mine several years ago.



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