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I have auditioned several Gibson Hummingbird's over the past 3 yrs. Some were Standards or Modern Classic Versions, some were customs with Koa back and sides. I briefly owned a 2011 model Modern Classic. That particuliar Hummingbird really shined under a pick with a heavy hand. Since I only play with my fingers and never a pick, I sold it with the intentions of getting a True Vintage model as soon as I saved up the difference. I also much prefer the Cherry sunburst over the orange/honey burst. In the meantime, Gibson discontinued the True Vintage model.


As I continued to save and audition Hummingbirds, each and every one has been a wonderful example. None of them sounded the same. Some were brighter, richer, more responsive, or had more volume. But none of them would be what I considered a bad lifeless guitar with structural issues. The 2 that really stand out for me were both played this summer during my travels. When I was on vacation is FLorida I stopped by My Favorite Guitars. They had the most responsive, warmest, loudest, and sweetest Hummingbird MC that I have ever played. It really knocked my socks off. It was that particular Hummingbird that made me realize that I had to get another one and never make the mistake of letting it go again. Later that same month, I played a Custom Koa Hummingbird that had so much bling for the eyes and just as much sparkle to the notes. If I could have talked them down enough, I would have bought it on the spot. But it just didn't happen.


Fast forward less than a week later and I get en email from MusicVilla showing all of the special and limited run Gibsons that were being build for the 5 star dealers for the remainder of 2013. What do I see on the list for December? The 50 piece limited run of Hummingbird True Vintage models!!

I didn't hesitate to call them up and place my order. So like you, I am eagerly awaiting my Hummingbird. And this time, Im never letting her go!!


No other guitar sound like the Hummingbird!! Its gentle, sweet, warm , robust, throaty, honey toned, lush, responsive, angelic, soothing, rocking, beautiful, and unique!! Is it for everyone? No!! Is it for me? YES!! And this is the question that you have to ask yourself. Being a singer songwriter, the Hummingbird is almost taylor made for me.


I can honestly say that I have never played a Gibson Hummingbird that I didn't like. Some I have liked more or less than others for varias reasons. But when it comes to tone and playability, I have liked them all.

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Ive had my HB TV for a couple years and I reckon its volume increased by a good 25% in that time and has really opened up. In particular in the bottom end so much so that when I play it plugged I now have to reduce the bass levels by 50% to where it was a year ago. It really has a thunderous bottom end, and I reckon it has similar qualities to your HB TV Martini.


But ... Im pretty sure the neck profile is different on the HB TV and HB Standard, not sure exactly the terminology but I also noticed the standard was a bit easier to play and followed up checking that out.


Id love to hear your Blue on Black, we also cover that song, would be keen to hear how you approach it.


The neck is a little thicker on the tv they call It round profile which I like quite a bit as apposed to the thinner neck.

I just wish gibson would make a satin neck

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There are people posting on the agf that they dont believe in capos .

I really wouldn't be paying much attention.

Or , certainly learn to pay less attention to people who dont know what they're talking about.


I hope yoir guitar is great and you love it.

I for one am looking forward to your pictures and hopefully sound sample .






That says it all................................................................................

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Comments on AGF need to be taken with a grin (bag) of salt. The biases there are toward build quality, purity of tone, and balance to the point of neutrality. Gibsons are solid builds but not squeeky agf clean, solid on fundamentals but perhaps lacking in shimming

bell tones, and too thick in the mids. What the ideal agf guitar lacks from the Gibson pov is the funk. That mid-rangey percussive thomp that just sounds so good for old time country, blues and rock. Like a 'Bird.

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