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Santa left me a new guitar........


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well actually it was me. Wouldn't it be great if some guy, in a red suit, ran around leaving new guitars under our Christmas trees. The guitar is a Songwriter Acoustic/Electric Mahogany Cutaway Vintage Sunburst. It was an exclusive model for Sweetwater Instruments and Audio. I bought the guitar online sight unseen. They received the first shipment and they were all pre-ordered. They came in and immediately went out.


I will provide a picture at some time.......sorry, but the first song I played on it was Betterman from Pearl Jam. The term I will use for the appearance of the guitar is........stunning. The vintage sunburst is a caramel color and it ties the entire instrument together visually. It is a departure from the regular rosewood Songwriter in coloration. The headstock is black and the backs and sides have a rich dark brown stain. Rosewood fret board and moustache bridge. The pick guard is dark brown instead of the red on the usual Songwriter.


The tone is wonderful. Deep full bases and loud full trebles. Maybe I am discovering what all of you already know but I was particularly impressed with the fullness of the tone of the trebles. With all of the other guitars I have had the trebles are weak and "mousey". This is the first guitar I have had where the trebles have some "balls". Plugged it in and I sounds great through my Hartke Acoustic Amp.


I guess I am now a member of two clubs.........."Gibson Acoustic Owner" and "Men of Mahogany". Gibson done good with this one :-) I am thoroughly impressed and pleased.


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