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Chris Doernbrack

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I picked up this guitar years ago from old man in Georgia who needed to pay some bills. It is in amazing condition with just a small issue on the back which you can see in the pictures. I have called Gibson to try to get some information but they tell me the record keeping during 68-69 was a mess and almost non-existent. I have never seen another custom like this. The fret board inlays are not typical nor is the case....I think. Could it be an artist model or some other unique model? Also, I have it insured but I have never been able to get enough information on the guitar to really estimate a value. I wouldn't mind some opinions. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dxz2ft7b8ea9s8u/qk6MPl4f0d


FYI, the serial number starts with a 6. The pic is bit blurry.



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