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The GOFA's 2013 - (Gibson Online Forum Awards)

Guest Farnsbarns

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Guest Farnsbarns

As 2013 ends I thought it might be fun to have an award ceremony. I can think of a few categories....


Best fake/genuine advice giver


Best video maker


Best 3rd party video poster


Best looking gibson posted


Best looking non Gibson posted


Best story


Best outrageous claim/mad poster.


Best use of smilies




Any other ideas?


If some categories can be decided we can all make nominations. Don't keep quiet when someone else nominates the same way you would. Multiple nominations will be needed to decide on a winner.


Oh, and let's not nominate yet, let's get the categories decided.

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Guest Farnsbarns

OOOOOOHH...I win, I win!! [flapper] Well, at least we have that

category settled! [lol] [lol] [lol]


I'm very relieved that you took that well! I was a.little worried... Phew.

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Wise Old Owl Award................OK, I know; that's a 'Given'........but we could award it anyhow?.......LOL!


Best provider of 'Heads-Ups' to new bands / music?


Best Tech Advice?


Most useful 'I Should Have Known That.....But I Didn't!' thread?


Member with the Best Reminiscences?



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