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Beautiful guitar help

Twisted sister

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TS, Wowsera! That's a beauty. As FA noted, you should confirm (with Gibson Montana) that this guitar will have your lifetime warranty. "As New" is not the same as "New". Start by asking the seller. You might also ask for pix of the back and sides. Should be beautiful, quilted as noted. Bookmarded Back etc. You're paying for more than the front. Also - check if you can find out Gibson's original List Price. Some quitars are sold at as much as 30% off that. You can't expect that for a one of a kind or run of 20. But getting either that or the MRSP would give you a frame of reference for negotiating. Especially if you find you are NOT going to get a full GIBSON warranty. G'Luck !

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There are a good amount of Doves in Flight around.

That Hummingbird looks limited..and I think hummingbirds have short scale necks..but that price is a very very no go.

You can get a used Doves in Flight for $4k.

Are you looking for something that is rare? Or just really good looking..


I just sold a D42 Martin Custom Shop that really was a stunner…great woods…extra ornamentation..a real wow looker..

I replaced it with an O50 Lowden Koa which is as ornate as Lowden gets, but much less stunning and informal than the Martin was…but..

this Lowden just absolutely sings..Has dynamic range..single notes respond so you can play lead on it..When

you strum you feel the top breathing.

I am really into looks,but nothing beats great sound. Make sure you try what ever you buy to make sure sound is good too.

Good luck

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I guess no one here remembers what a good job of engraving Ren and Val did. The engraving on this inlay is terrible. I have no idea what the inlay on the fifth fret is even supposed to be. The headstock inlay? Pitiful.If you want to see what real engraving on a Hummingbird is supposed to look like go to page 154 of the Fab. Flat-top book.Check out page 165 if you want to see a great Hummingbird pickgard.


The ablam rosette and binding is just cheap looking and nothing is going to change that. I guess no one here has been around long enough to know what a tri-burst is as Gibson has been doing it for many years. They just changed the name to impress new customers. I guess it worked. For a tri-burst it is amazing.

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I've always liked a nice triburst. It always give the guitar a cool retro look for me.

A poor tri burst has the opposite affect. It makes the guitar look very very cheap.

Choose wisely.

Here's an LP I bought a few years ago with a good looking tri-burst.



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Thanks! The seller said he had it priced wrong and has now adjusted it. oMG...that's even better. Now I'm scrambling to get to the bank ....only it is Sunday! Please don't sell!









congrats if you get it ... the montana sunset burst is a really beutiful finish .

they first applied it on the Sheryl Crow Southern Jumbo Special Edition last year .






that quilted maple is really nice !


here's the music villa review on that model :




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