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anyone with an opinion on


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always an opinion. and, if i dont have one, i'll borrow one. i know nothing of this 'terada' you speak of. the magic of google has filled me in a bit. seems like an '80s partnership with a japanese company. a response to the fabled amazing tokai knock-offs of the era? have you played one? here's a review of a j200-ish model. i might take a stab a t a tokai j200 if one pops up. let us know what you know. i'm intrigued.




as far as jacaranda goes....



i am suddenly in love with the woman under this tree. even though the tree creeps me out a bit being that it reminds me of the lone, burning tree on the hillside in the movie "the ring". hope that helped. i feel better.

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I believe that Terada were a 1970s Japanese company who made copies of Gibson, Martin etc. In keeping with Kiso Suzuki, CMI, early Jap-built Ibanez and Takamine guitars, they generally made instruments to a high standard, but ones that are nowadays cheap to pick up as they are copies and not overtly well known. I saw a very attractive Terada Dove on eBay recently, which went for £100 or so.


Jacaranda is a tonewood that I have never played before. Sorry to not be of more help!

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