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Famous Epiphone Users


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Ok, all users except the artists at "epiphone.com". :-)


That's actually an interesting question. I always find that list a bit tenuous and "corporate" (which is illogical, really - of course it is corporate, it's posted on a corporate webpage for the express purpose of promoting the company's products)!


However, it is a tenuous list, in my opinion. Is Slash, for example, really associated with Epiphone guitars, or is he "associated" (in the business sense), having allowed his name and image rights to be applied to a signature model and its subsequent marketing?


Also curious to note that Noel Gallagher gets a mention at the page, but no photo. Now he is someone I immediately think of as a famous Epiphone player:




...but then, I guess, his business association with Epiphone (in terms of having a signature model) ended years ago.



That said, one of the most authentic names on the list is Paul Weller, whom I always think of as a definite Casino player:




...but then Paul Weller did quite recently do promotional work for Epiphone (for the Elitist Casino):





You asked for Epiphone players not on the corporate list...


Didn't the young left-handed player in this photo go on to be quite famous (albeit it, not playing an Epiphone)?





But, without doubt my personal favourite is...Mr. Keith Richards, himself:



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Maybe it's just a way of reading the topic:


Is it FAMOUS guys, that use or used Epiphones?


Or is it guys that use or used EPIPHONES, and just coincidental happen to be famous? [biggrin]


In other words:


I didn't say that I immediatly think of Epiphones as THE guitars of the Beatles, but I think of the Beatles as FAMOUS Epiphone users ;)




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