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Tried a pair of Gibbys tonite

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So i went to a guy for a Craigslist deal where i traded my Martin acoustic for his American Deluxe Tele and while i was there i notice he had a few Gibbys on the wall and one in a case. I asked if i could try em and promised to be extra careful. He kindly obliged. The first was a Red SG Standard that kind of looked like a Faded model to my eyes but he assured me it was a Standard and without the name on the headstock i wouldnt know either way.


It felt fantastic. Being only 5'8 many Les Pauls tend to feel kind of too chunky for me but this next was much easier on my hands. The body was very light, even lighter than the Tele i believe. Overall, a very comfortable and great sound poured out of it, quite impressed.


Then he told he had a 4000 dollar git in the case if i wanted to try it. I looked and as he was opening out popped an early 2000s or late 90s i forget exact year SJ-200. It looked unbelievable. When i played it the action was smooth as silk and very low, the sound was big and booming. I didnt think anything could touch the Martin's ive played because ive tried lesser model Gibsons and they didnt quite impress. This one sure did. Just amazing!


I then asked if he had to have them set up when he got em new and he replied nope, just new strings and polish. I was floored! Mainly because ive seen many les paul studios that needed a pro setup for some reason but those 2 sang like sweet lil birds.


Anyway, the SG is an incredibly comfortable instrument, it's on my list of "someday" and the 200 was mind blowing. By far the greatest instrument i have ever touched and felt priviledged because i liked it more than a Martin d-28, quite frankly it blew it away and wasnt even close. Some days its fun just to try a dreamer guitar :)

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