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You know, there are so many different kinds of guitar buyers. Some are collectors. A subset of those are investors. Some want to play the guitar: tone is king and bling don't mean a thing. Others want to use the guitar to perform so maybe their angle is more toward looks and stage presence and fancy pickup systems. For some this is gonna be their one and only guitar and it has to be cosmetically perfect. Some have numerous guitars and different standards.


So what's the 'value' of some feature of a guitar? Monetary value? Value in terms of good tone? Where you are in the spectrum described in the paragraph above will determine the answer. Within the categories of monetary value, tone value, bling value, prestige value or what have you, people will respond differently about worth depending on their niche in the guitar owner typology.


So it all kind of depends, doesn't it? If you are a young person looking to buy a first 'good guitar', forget the bling and go for tone. I would go so far as to say get a J-45 and play it for a while. You will gain a good appreciation of this level of instrument at a very good price and you will know the direction you want to go if you want to change or add to the stable.

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no really all the AJ's gibson has produced since they moved the acoustic production to Bozeman are based on a 1935 protype

that being said some limited editions have unique finishes or unique features that may appeal to different buyers but

if it's a rosewood AJ chances are they are going to be pretty similar ... they put out a limited edtion of 35 1935 Aj's this year

and it has a top that is hand sanded to a thinner spec . Some versions that gibson has put out over the years have Red Spruce some have Sitka

some have German Spruce Tops ... last year they put out a limited edition that had Bhilwara Indian Rosewood .











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