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Hummingbird Copy Help


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I too had the Hummingbird copy which may have been a Kawai or a Tokai. ?....??


Simply horrible. And I also don't remember AT All buying it?


It was designed to 'build strength' in the left hand fingers with a height at the 12th fret of about 3 inches......


So being the only acoustic guitar I had at the time, I was strumming it at a friend's place one night and his other visitor wanted it to take on his boat trip around the Pacific or something and bought it there and then for $50. He was fascinated by the Pseudo Hummingbird pickguard.


What a quick end to that little era!



The next buy was only marginally better - a Washburn electro-acoustic. We learn the very hard way.



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About the two best Gibson clones I have played were an Ibanez and a Lyle. I swear that in the 1970s the Ibanez versions sounded more like a Gibson than Gibsons did.


But I have also played some Gawd Awful sounding copies. Sometimes they had names I had never heard of. Other times there was nothing in or on the guitar to indicate who made them.

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Why is it a nice guitar - because the seller says it is?


There were tons of Hummingbird copies built overseas. Some, like those made by Ibanez, were nice playing and sounding guitars. Others were basically firewood. Which this is I do not have a clue.



Quite a difference in PRICE between the models...I would need lots more info to even consider it.

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