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Epiphone Genesis Rocks!!! (videos)


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The Epiphone Genesis is a beautiful and almost unknown guitar, that gradually earned itself a place in the hearts of their owners over the last 35 years, and also has slowly been conquering the hearts of those who know by mere chance.

They are a pretty example of times where things were doing on different way, is not an Epiphone of those we know today.


His secret is simply...

tone, playability and versatility


this **** plays like a dream... the neck is really wonderful.

Jim Walker knew what they do.



The Custom version is simply gorgeous,

all the details are very well made, the natural abalone inlays, ( not plastic) adds a touch of distinction that generally only has the most expensive guitars.


I think that over the years its value will continue to rise as more people are aware and know his history.


Here I leave some videos of bands that use an Epiphone Genesis as lead guitar for those who do not know the Genesis and wants to hear his sound.





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I can't see how they are better than Yamaha SG2000s in terms of playability and - even less so - re the Gibson (or Epiphone) SG in terms of neck access.


Just another electric guitar

they do look somewhat similar, horns are just a bit more pointy,pickup selector on upper horn. Both sharp looking instruments. Which came first ?


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