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Headstock veneer damage


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Hi, Biddlin here. I own a 2002 SG Special. The headstock veneer was heat damaged and needs replacement. Gibson advises:

"...If you are needing the Gibson logo re-applied to the headstock ballpark cost will be $400.00.

If you are actually needing the headstock veneer replaced ballpark cost is $1050.00..."

As the value of the guitar in mint condition might barely be $1000, I am disinclined to avail myself of their services. What are some alternatives? Pics to follow.


Thanks in advance

Biddlin ;>)/

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Those are absurd prices....add to that shipping-Yikes!

Some alternatives are to live with it or find a local finish/luthier to repair the damage at a reasonable price. I could not download your pics so I do not know the extent of the damage of which you speak. Out of curiosity, how did the said 'heat damage' occur?

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This is "The Colonel". I'm new to this forum but not to drum kits, guitars and rock and.roll bands, though it's been more than 40 years since I was in a successful band.


I write to this forum because you all seem to be more knowledgable. Enough intro.


I have a question about the binding and mahogany surface match near the neck joint of my 2000 LP standard. It's not flush. Any ideas why?


Here are some details of the guitar;

1. Year 2000 (verified) Standard Desert Burst - pristine, not a mark of any kind anywhere.

2. Has nrver had a pick guard.

3. Has the "thick binding" at the neck.

4. Grovers, not locking.

5. Has Seymour Duncan Signature Joe Bonamassa pups.

6. Has a Wilkinson roller saddle and Tusk nut.

7. Nitro is perfect.

8. Purchased from an LP expert in Alburquerque - very dry climate.

9. Came to my Salt Lake City house - also very dry.

10. Upon arrival I let it sit in its case for three days to insure temperature acclimation.

11. The surface variation is about two pages of paper and there is no visual evidence of separation at the neck joint.


Your thoughts?


Sorry this is a long message. I'm an engineer, OCD and a retired Army Colonel. Precision is my life.

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