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Short Tailpiece v Long


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Why does Epiphone only fit a 5-1/2" Tailpiece on the Regular and Elitist and the correct 6" on the 65 Lennon [confused]


Frenchie has swapped for the longer Tailpiece and mentioned better tone.

I'm thinking of doing the same on my 61 Re Issue.


Looking at a picture of Gary Clark Jr and noticed he has done the same on his 61 RI.


Anyone else done this mod ?



post-59530-091657600 1385899531_thumb.jpeg

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People find tone in strange places.

Maybe it does play differently or whatever.

Perhaps it was a new set of strings that did it.


I'd use the tailpiece that looks the best,

being proportional to the guitar.

If it works, go for it.


If I was in search for a better tone,

I'd think about upgrading my amp or

using another guitar,

but that’s just me.

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I have both the 6" from Allparts and the original 5 1/2" from my MIK Casino. The 6" weighs 4.2 ounces and the 5 1/2" weighs 3.6 ounces. The block portion of the tailpiece with the diamond is flat on the 6" and arched on the 5 1/2". The string spacing seems to measure 1/16" narrower on the 6" and the slots are slightly wider. The hinge portion of the 6" is also chrome plated on the underside, the original is not.

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