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Replacement Saddle Epiphone IB64


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I find that the action on my Epiphone Texan IB64 is way too high while to tross rod seems to be OK.

I was thinking about sanding the saddle down.


But I would like to try first with a replacement in order not to "damage" the original one.

Do you know the factory settings for this piece? I only get to know is a compensated Tusq one but not the model (brand) nor size.


Has anyone tried to find a replacement for it? Any hint would be appreciated.



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Truss rods should not be adjusted to correct the action anyway. They are for adjusting neck relief.


The saddle radius should match the fingerboard radius which I believe is 14" on the IB Texan.


But I guess I do not see why not just make life easier and sand down the one that came with it.

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