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Questions about the Montana Gold


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I have recently bought a Montana Gold. I have to admit that do not know anything about guitars but I trust

Gibson. Anyway my first question is why doesn't the serial number (MG90427) come up in the search?

Second question, this one has a Gibson pickup ,the prefix plus-t fishmam, was this original?

Thanks for your help!

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The pup was not original. The serial for the Montana gold isn't the same sequence as the regular ones. I believe they are numbered from 1-whatever they are at now. Why they did that I have no idea.


I suspected that the pickup was added later. Has this devalued the thing? Could be why I got it for $1950 ....... Was that a fair price ? All that aside , I bought it to play (still learning) and not for resale value. Although if i decide to sell it someday I do hope to get my money back.

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Undoubtedly you will get your money back!! Great deal!

Depends who buys it on the pup. Pm me when your ready to sell lol. I sold mine last year in mint for 3200 I believe


Thanks for your input. I did buy it because I thought it was a good deal. I didn't know about the pickup until I got it home and started researching it.

Iit is a beautiful guitar! And it's a Gibson j200 so I'm pretty happy !


Still it is odd that I can't look up the serial number. I would feel better if I could find it listed .

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