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Hello from Spain. This is my first topic!!!


I read somewhere that the gibson prewar guitars were very delicates and could only wear thin gauge strings because they could not stand the tension of thick ones.

I have a Keb Mo guitar that is modern but still a very small and very light guitar with 11-52 strings. I would use thicker 12 or 13 strings. It is inadvisable or is no problem?


Thank you!

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Thank you all. As I know that the neck has truss-rod, my fears were more for the bridge plate, I had doubts about the binding to the top.



I have a CG7 Taylor, same size and scale, with a thinner neck and head slotted, and without pickup. It seems it would have to weigh less but Gibson is surprisingly lighter, which makes me think that is weaker and needs more attention and care.


Note: CG7: 2000g; Keb Mo: 1700g

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