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SG Bass Bridge Replacement recommendation needed.


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Please recommend a replacement bridge for my SG Bass.


Last I heard, the Hipshot Supertone three point replacement bridge was the best for replacing an SG Bass bridge.

Still the same? Or have better things come out since?

Thanks for any info.


I have a sneaky suspicion that the bridge body not contacting the face of the bass may be what is responsible for lack of fundamental and lots of overtones on my bass.

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One of my two SG basses is strung roundwound, the other one flatwound. There are the stock bridges on both of them. The neck pickup puts out lots of fundamentals, the bridge pickup delivers rich overtones and less fundamentals. Clearly the overtones of the flatwounds are rather transient, and so I play this one when fat lows and less harmonics are desired.


I don't think that another bridge would change the fundamental response significantly. Next to all bridges affect the overtones much stronger by eating up sustain. However, I don't think any aftermarket vendor would intentionally design a bridge providing less sustain in any frequency range.


Perhaps flatwound strings are an option for you. They are more common for recording than is widely known. Cliff Williams (AC/DC) plays flatwounds exclusively in the studio.

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Go for the Hipshot Supertone three point replacement bridge, I replaced the bridge on my SG with this, and I think it was a huge improvement, better intonation, more sustain, easy to set up individual string height and it looks good. Best of all no mod is needed it just fit so it it easy to put the original back on (but why).

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Gettin' the Hipshot through my repair guy to save a few bucks.

Hope it helps.

Been a while since I tried to resolve the probs I have with this bass and figured I would try something again this winter.

If I could just get it to sound clear instead of muffled...



Hipshot all the way - it has completely transformed my SG - improved tone, clarity, intonation, sustain - it would make Nigel Tufnel smile!!


I was going to switch pickups but there isn't really the need - although I'm still not wild about the neck 'mudbucker' - but don't want to hack the body about in case I ever re-sell.

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