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Those Glorious Bursts

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I don't have any group photos. Here's some of my Gibson burst.

1942 J45 Legend sunburst


AJ Gold Honeyburst


J185 Sunburst


J200 Custom Sunburst


Jackson Browne Sunburst


Hummingbird Heritage Cherry Sunburst


1951 LG1 Sunburst


J200 Standard Sunburst


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On left, 1995 J60 Rosewood Right is 1991 SJ45 Mahogany both sitka tops


Would think the J60 would be the boomier bass, but the SJ45 has the deepest bass almost like a vintage SJ & it only weighs 4.3 lbs.

The J60 weighs in at 5 lbs., thats after i took out the under the saddle fishman pickup with the battery.

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You have got some really excellent guitars.

Thanks for showing them!


I really love sunburst guitars, especially the J200 ones.


Btw., could somebody tell me what colors are used in these bursts?

Are they two or three?

Do they fade from black or from dark (slightly reddish??) brown into the lighter zones?

It´s difficult to see and to tell...

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Gibson bursts are fantastic - few would go up against that.


And the number of colors-Q is good, , , I'm not really sure, guess 2.

What I know is that bursts not only change with lighting, but also age differently.

Of course it's a matter of circumstances, , , how did the guitar live its long life. In the case under a bed, in broad sun-lite, under a glowing moon etc. . .

There could be a 'various types of paint over the decades'-factor in there too.


Photos might not always speak the truth of a burst, , , or maybe they'll illustrate the actual moment and that only.

One burst that really got us going here is George Harrisons 1962 J-160E, which follow him up through the years and still exists in the Harrison-herd.

Some pics show the black as turned chestnut brownish towards the red. Close to indicating it's not the same instrument.

All in all hard to X-ray with 100 % certainty and maybe that's exactly how it should be.

Next to the individuality of bracings, bursts might be the most mysterious theme about these beauties.





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