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Now thats what you call a White guitar


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Are they hoping for snow at xmas :)


Brendon Small Snow Falcon Flying V $1,499

•Solid Mahogany body with legendary Flying V design

•Mahogany neck carved with fast, slim profile

•Bound white polymer baked maple fingerboard

•Coil-tapped Burstbucker 1 and Burstbucker 2 in the neck and bridge positions

•Chrome Grover™ kidney button tuners with 14:1 ratio




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Nice job Gibson! After this Brendon Small character buys a few for his family, would you guys get back to making guitars people will actually buy please? We'll thank you, you'll thank us, you'll have more money, we'll have more guitars, you know, like it used to be. Thanks!



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I'm rather confused and surprised at myself. I think there's something oddly irresistable about that guitar.....


I don't know why I like it - everything (bar the basic shape) is wrong; but I do like it - for reasons which are utterly beyond my powers of comprehension.


Why do I like that thing?





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