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Lucille will be coming home


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Last year I got in a bind and had to sell my beloved Lucille which just about killed me but the mortgage had to be paid.

I planned on buying another one this year with my tax refund and took a chance to see if I could maybe buy my old one back.

Much to my surprise, the new owner agreed and is holding it for me!

I just can not believe it, I'm still stunned and very excited.

Maybe I've been a good man after all. I try.

There's a thread about emotional attachment somewhere and here and yes, I have emotional attachment to this particular guitar.

Here's the old beauty, I'm just so thrilled to be able to get this guitar back.

post-1351-056326200 1387241711_thumb.jpg

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There are several guitars I've let go of over the years which I would love to even get a chance to see again, let alone re-purchase.


Nice to hear a story like this, with a happy ending. Hope you never have to part with her again.

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They do have a certain feel to them, don't they? As soon as you pick it up it's just WOW!


This one had damage to the finish on the neck and an old buddy of mine, who is battling colon cancer, refinished the neck and it turned out perfect.

It has so much of my friend's handiwork into it and it's such a great instrument so I'm doubly glad to be getting it back.

This time it will stay put.


I did get a funny text message from one of Lou Reed's old friends about it which I'll share: with all of the Reedmania following Lou Reed's passing I should call it the LOUcille.


I think that's what I'll do.

He played an old Epiphone for a bit, close enough!

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So pleased for you!...I know what it's like!......I let an L.P. Classic go......life was never the same!.......Darn me if it didn't turn up on e-bay!.....hit the 'buy it now button' faster than 'quick draw McGraw'.

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Now I just have to get used to playing it again. You'd think it would be just like my 335 but the neck is so much stouter and the whole thing feels so much "tighter" that it's a whole different instrument.

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