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Humbuckers in my 2013 60's trib SG!!!


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EDIT - 2012 60's Trib SG. Duh.




I am no Luthier, but my brother is, so I have a shitload of tools, as well as 'a surgeon' to count with.


Still, I wanted to do all that I could by myself, and so it went, little by little.


After drilling, cutting, sanding, fitting, I found a nice batwing pickguard that fitted my model well,

I have today just tried it plain out loud with a DP100 humbucker which most of us probably know well,

didn't care to wire nothing on the neck yet.


Before tightening all screws:


I was amazed as by how vocal tone this exemplar has, it sounds so different than my LP on DP100, and

it's got a very different feel than when it had P90's, it has become a much more pleasant guitar to play,

I am sorry for the P-90s, the soapbars ARE good, but I am sorry, they are outdated, I got a little selection

of 'buckers to choose from, I wanted you guys to give me your suggestions for neck/bridge matching, I would

certainly consider using 2 bridge HBs as well.


I still can go for mounts if there's a good reason for it besides the little extra room.


I have availiable:

Gibson: 490R, 496R, 498T, 500T

Seymour Duncan: 80's Invader (Maricella Juarez), JB;

diMarzio: 2x DP100 (Super Distortion), PAF PRO (DP151);

may have forgotten some...



I have thought about using either the Invader or the JB on the bridge and a DP100 at the neck;

My biggest difficulty is to find out what to put in the neck position.




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to really suggest a p'up combo, we need to know what types of music you play most often.....



Of course! You're right, those pickups can cover a broad range of tones BUT, if you notice,

they tend to be high gain pickups, so yeah, its mostly for heavy sounds, I like to play a LOT

of Cream, for instance, but I am not looking for the same Eric's tone, I want to build a 'hotrodded'

SG in order to play doom, southern, sludge, and sometimes, I can always lower the gain and get a

heavy 70's tone for some classic tunes.


For the neck, I am going to like whatever pickup makes the guitar sound metallic (as in new strings), but

still dirty, something I can rust up, if you know what I mean.

I don't intend to use this pickup without distortion at most, or at all.

It needs to cut well through the 'mess', because I'm the soloist so I need to hear myself.


For the neck, I am not so picky, but the SG made me start to use the neck pups more, it needs to be

good for solos but also needs to be good for rhythm. This one is more likely to be used for clean

sounds. It can be a bridge pup, I don't care.


As for pedals, basically, this guitar has to go well only with a dunlop Wahwah and for distortion, my

BOSS Metal Zone, BUT lets say I am playing on a good amp, I might go for a tube distortion (with that

'more drive' ON).


Lets say its to be a contemporary sounding guitar, to the heaviest standards of the southern metal.

I use low tunings as well. It needs to give me good controllable feedback too.


Thank you all!

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Jesus, I put the Maricella Juarez Invader at the bridge and a dimarzio DP100 (s. dist.) at the neck,

I have only soldered and tried the EDIT - SEYMOUR so far and now I can say to those persons who told me,

that I was ruining my guitar, that P90s are cool, they are, but this guitar is so much BETTER now,

it made me feel pity for my LP and its little JB/496R humbucker at the bridge.

Theres a point, at the gain button where the shreds...


Now my only fear is NOT to find another pickup that can match it for the neck position. I guess I

won't know until I do solder at least that DP100, I thought of putting the JB there as well...


What you guys think? So far I've been fulfilling my dreams of achieving a real 'hotrodded' SG.



EDIT: Typo, sorry if it made little sense! My bad!

The issue is still on. At least I am shredding like never.

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