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Authenticity of Manufacture and Approximate Value

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Hi everyone.


I'm currently in possession of my father's Gibson Les Paul Silverburst which he's had for many years. Call it an inheritance. It's in relatively good condition considering its age, but I need to prove its authenticity and try to determine its approximate value (I need to insure this girl at some point). For as long as I can remember the scratch plate was missing, but the holes are still present where it screws into.


Everything about it tells me it's genuine (from what I can tell), but the bigger question is the manufacture date, and factory origin.


See the attached photos. The Serial Number on the back is 82641503. If I'm correct, and again I'm not totally sure I am, this guitar was manufactured in 1981.


I am also considering sending it to back to Gibson for touch-ups and perhaps some minor repairs, but I'm told any alteration to the original finish will trash the value.


Looking forward to hearing from everyone.









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Guitar Info

Your guitar was made at the

Nashville Plant, TN, USA

September 21st, 1981

Production Number: 3



Gibson: Nashville

Gibson’s Nashville plant was opened in Tennessee 1974. All electric models and some acoustic models currently made at this factory. This facility has an average production rate of 220 guitars a day. Each guitar is built by hand and takes about 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Note: Most hollow and semi-hallow body guitars are made at a separate plant in Memphis Tennessee. This facility has an average production rate of 40 guitars


Hi this is what I got when I ran the serial number

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Do not do anything to the finish, it will decrease the value for sure. That guitar is in great shape considering it's over 30 years old. I believe the scratch plates are all the same size if you wanted to replace it but that's all I would do to it unless something was broken and kept it from being playable.

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there were actually a lot of the silver burst customs around in the early 80's I had one and a close friend had one at the same time. they were pretty popular back then.


What an incredible Gibson Les Paul I never even knew that was such a thing as a silver burst very rare looking and very sexy hope you find out its super rare and super high dollar Cheers

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Mint 1982 custom in silver burst 3000-3500

Yours looks to be in nice condition

Hope this helps


If you can find anyone willing to pay that kind of money on an 80's silverburst......Take it!.... and laugh all the way to the bank.

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