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The I-35 guitar


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In this month's Guitar Player magazine there's a review of a $6500 guitar called the I-35, which is another manufacturer's clone of the ES-335, but with cosmetic changes. The reviewer really liked it. But gosh, if you want an ES-335, why not just get an ES-335? And why bother building a copy? The I-35 is a pretty guitar that supposedly sounds great.

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People have been building what they believe as a "better guitar" for a long time now.

Just look at all the knock-offs out there.

Premier Guitar just did an issue on Five Telecaster-style builders.

I once almost bought an Eastman T-186, 335 style guitar because it was made with solid wood and a carved top. If one guitar manufacturer can't give you what you want. You'll most likely find someone who will. In the end, isn't it about what you want in your guitar?

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