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New Led Zeppelin remasters in 2014


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Lol... It kinda makes sense what Jimmy says.. That technology has moved on quite a bit since the last lot..


Sounds interesting.. I will surely be checking that out [thumbup]






The entire Led Zeppelin catalog is now available for streaming via Spotify. And Jimmy Page has also been talking about his work on newly-remastered Led Zeppelin albums due in 2014.


Via The Pulse Of Radio, Page explains, “I’ve done my bit. Technology has moved on since the last set of remasters and you can hear the difference in these new versions. They’re quite something.


“Obviously there’s not that much material that we could add from the first two albums, but from Led Zeppelin III there is.”


Alternative takes and outtakes are all apparently part of the releases. No date is scheduled yet – Page is renowned for his methodical approach – but there will be remastered Led Zeppelin out in 2014.


Led Zeppelin are already up for two Grammy awards in 2014 — “Best Rock Performance” for “Kashmir (Live)” from Celebration Day, and the album, itself, Celebration Day, in the “Best Rock Album” category. Read about the making of Celebration Day.

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I've been buying 70's versions of Led Zeppelin's albums on vinyl. I only need the album Presence now.


I never had their stuff on vinyl because I am more of an 80's guy and well, when it comes to the late 60's early 70's Black Sabbath is more my cup of tea.


It is good to have LZ on vinyl though, I've been enjoying. No remasters for me.

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I LOVE Led Zeppelin, they are my FAVORITE band of all time and the most epic band ever, but how many times can you remaster the same songs and sell them again.


moparguy... I was about to post pretty much word-for-word what you posted...


But then, I realized that 1.) I skipped the previous re-masters, and 2.) there are going to be alternative tracks included on these. So...


I am interested this time around.

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