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Mojo Hand Effects Dumble Drive teaser


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Mojo Hand Effects posted this pic on Facebook as a NAMM 2014 teaser.


I will be curious how they develop this pedal and how it sounds, these guys make really good pedals and know their stuff.


My understanding is that those legendary Dumble amps are all different.



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They are out Texas, they have good prices and Prymaxe has 15% off coupons very often, even better.


Mike Hermans is a great player, great chops.


I bought this Fuzz from them and I am very happy with it.



That sounds amazing! I've been looking for a good fuzz. Can it do some crazy stuff too?

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It does not have enough high gain to get in the crazy territory on its own but if you use it through an amp that is already overdriven then yes it'll get there.

Sweet! Have you ever tried the whole "dying battery" thing with it?

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