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NGD ES-135

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I picked up a 2002 Gibson ES-135 in Blueburst yesterday that was for sale on Craigslist. It's a one owner guitar with zero fret wear…seriously, there's no wear on these frets. The guy said he bought it new in 2002 and has just held onto it. It's in mint condition and has the original HSC.


I polished the frets, oiled the board, took some abrasive cord to the saddles and nut to smooth them out, put on a little guitar grease, restrung with some 11-50 flat wounds, lowered the action to 3/64" on both E strings at the 12th fret (with no buzz), and adjusted the intonation and pickups. This thing is a smooth player and sounds great. It sports a pair of Gibson '57 Classic pickups. A nice find for sure. Any anomolies you see in the finish are reflections.



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Thanks, guys! I'm pretty happy with it.


When I was cleaning it I realized it didn't have a spacer between the pick guard and the body like my 175 and Sorrento have. Can't remember if the 333/335 had it or not. Anyway, I looked online for one to put on here and they wanted $11 for a screw and a piece of plastic. A trip to Lowe's and I ended up with a bag of screws and enough rigid vinyl tubing to do about 50 guitars for $3. A much better play in my book and I didn't have to wait for it to come in the mail. [thumbup]

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I had a natural ( my avatar) one and sold it. Now I am regretting it. Very cool guitar and has a sound all its own. Nice guitar! [thumbup]


Thanks! Yeah, I know what that's like. I've moved several guitars that I wish I still had. I was thinking about it today and started writing down the Gibson guitars I've owned and sold.


  • ES-175
  • ES-333
  • ES-335
  • LP Deluxe
  • LP Junior
  • LP Special
  • Faded V
  • SG


And there may be more. I also had a few Epiphone Elites that I should have kept…Broadway, LP, SG. Of the Gibbys I wish I still had the 175, 333, 335, Deluxe, and Junior. The others I can do without.


Anyway, back to the 135. I dig the natural in your avatar. I like that better than the blueburst, I'd prefer the vintage sunburst over the blue as well. I got it used though so I didn't have much choice in the matter. Regardless of color it plays great. I've gotten to where I prefer the hollow and semi-hollow bodied guitars, with a preference for full hollow. My next Gibson will probably be the ES-330. And I'm not selling anything I have now to get it. I'm keeping all my guitars from now on, unless I bought them with the intention of flipping them.

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Very nice guitar... [thumbup]


I have the 'spiritual successor' the ES137...


Yes you now need an ES330... [thumbup]


Love these semis and hollows to bits...





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